Listening to Owl City's Ocean Eyes on the way home tonight, (it's actually a decent record, once you get past the sugar coated Ben Gibbard-and-rainbows surface) I reflected on the idea of a self-concept. And self-worth. And, basically, the meaning of life. I'll try and keep the ranting to a mimimum and play hardball here.

Life is all about you. This has been one of the biggest realizations of my entire life, and it had never crossed my mind until my last week living in Paris. What freedom! Life is about you, so you can be hedonistic and selfish and self-loving (and hating) all you want, because as long as it is what you want, as long as it makes you happy, it is within the progressive channel of your life and is bringing you closer to the supreme You.

And it sounds so simple, but it isn't, because every other one-track-life stoner/trust-fund kid/sorority girl/whiny blogger can say the same thing: "It's all about me." But if they aren't progressing, if the selfishness is not validated by some sort of pain (and therefore growth) or revelation or new experience, it isn't really about you, because it doesn't benefit you. It may even hurt you.

So, basically know this: the most well-lived lives of all time were spent in search of the self. Shakespeare, Hemingway, Madonna, Ralph Lauren...(also known as "the first people Dustin could think of") all put themselves first. There are new examples. Lady Gaga, Donatella Versace, Scott Schuman...

When I start referencing Donatella Versace, it's time for Dustin to go to bed. So much for hardball.

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Kaela said...

Wow so I stumbled upon your blog by mere chance how crazy is that! Your stuff as always is fun to read :) But really? Life is about you? Really? :p Isn't this what almost every human is already doing? Worrying about themselves and fulfilling their desires? Look how far we've gotten with that motto. Yes having self love is important, otherwise how could we ever love anyone else? But at what expense do we love ourselves, or should I say at whose expense? I understand that you don't mean the kind of spoilt bratt mentality, but even all those people you listed, yes they are famous and have very successful lives but how have they really effected the world...Anyways I'm done with my ramblings ;) Love the blogs, keep writing!