Reorganization + Neveau Riche

Well, I promised myself I'd stop watching so much TV. Does iTunes count?

My entire closet is being reorganized, and it's cool to see how my style is coming to fruition. Over the past few years I've transformed from my "homeschool" style (i.e. tees and tennis with argyle socks-no joke) to what I think is a really masculine and sophisticated look. I'm not embarrassed to admit I am passionate about style, whether that be clothing (Viktor & Rolf), art (Edward Steichen), or music (Kelis at the moment)--it's a part of who I am. I have a lot of black, navy, and gray pieces right now, with a few colored articles for contrast (an awesome red scarf I got from Dubai online). Anyways, suffice it to say I like getting dressed in the morning.

Politics: The Hillary/Obama fight needs to end. Either Hillary needs to renounce her race and join Barack as a VP or vice versa. I was a hardcore Hillary supporter until recently, and now I just don't want her to go down in history as the candidate who sabotaged the Democratic primary. I just don't want McCain to win. This war is wrong on so many levels.

I actually got into a long argument with my parents over the Iraq War and war in general. I am staunchly against the use of violence in war. War does not have to be fought with weapons. Yeah, yeah, I'm naive, I've never been in combat, I don't understand how wars are fought. I get it. But the bottom line is war hasn't worked for the U.S. since the conclusion of WWII. Korea? Failure. Vietnam? Don't even get me started. Gulf War? Failure. Iraq? The troops are doing such a great job; they are just men and women doing their job. The government is who is at fault for the destroyed Iraqi schools and murdered civilians. 4,000 troops have physically died. But how many are dead to themselves? One troop wrote to the New York Times, "With every death I see it gets easier." Easier to what? Easier to accept the violence? I'm sorry, but that kind of thing should never be made easier. The GOVERNMENT should not be making that easier.


So many Jacksons!

I've been listening to (parts) of Janet Jackson's new album Discipline for awhile now, but the album is just starting to come to fruition for me. Namely, the track "LUV." It's a shimmery, bouncy song with just the right volume for her voice (which, while extremely recognizable, is also extremely thin). "Rollercoaster" is also great, if you don't mind that it isn't radio-friendly. A big dissapointment is "2nite," which Rolling Stone liked for some odd reason. The production values are remarkably low compared to the rest of the album.

Bully: Scholarship Edition on Xbox 360 is a total blast. I love Rockstar, but this game (designed by the Vancouver branch) is a really unique take on the free-roaming, beat-up-everything genre that GTA: III created. The characters in the game seem to, well, act. It's creepy but riveting to watch a poorly pixelated animated character speak and move in a convincingly human way. Gary, your arch-enemy in the game, delivers some top-notch lines like "It's sink or swim, Jimmy. If you can swim, you have to let the losers drown." YES.

On a more personal note, it's really nice that the weekend is finally here. Time is a two-part gift for me: on one hand, I always have things to look forward to. On the other hand, life seems to move so fast.


"Oh my gosh, what?"

...I think as I sit in my business math class. My professor--while a sweet and patient lady--is from Germany, with a heavy accent, and the class is filled with really, really clueless students. Not that I am some enlightened math genius or anything, but I understand the basics of division and addition.

Today I started thinking about my motivations in starting this blog. I used to love to blog, on Xanga, but I grew out of that. Or, I suppose Xanga felt juvenile because of the crowd. Blogger is more intuitive, more streamlined. I enjoy blogging again.

Back to my motivations. I read a blog from John Mayer today, and the entire essay is about WHY we DO the things we DO. I don't want to be someone who is constantly seeking approval. Honestly, I don't feel that I am one of those people. I consider myself an alternative, free-thinking individual. But maybe I'm succumbing to my own stereotype in order to impress others. Whatever, I'm done.

"You're the voice, try to understand it"

John Farnham was right.

What's wrong with being young and idealistic?

On another note, life is strangely fun right now. For no reason. Maybe it's the song...


Lesbian Chefs

So Top Chef was awesome. I actually like the lesbian chefs. I support their relationship--one of both professional and romantic means. Kind of cool, in an urban, post-modern kind of way.

Here's what I think about the state of the democratic race:

First of all, to anyone who thinks Obama or Hillary should drop out because they are risking a division of the democratic party: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Politics have not been this interesting in decades. The tight race is spurring young voters and bringing in tons of publicity for the party (granted, it's not all good).

Anyways, Hillary made a big mistake with her Bosnian sniper comment. Not simply that she recalled the event, but that she stated she took "pride" in surviving the event. Come on, Hillary. If you are going to "falsely recollect" something due to "campaign stress," you could at least take a few seconds retract the statement. Or come up with a better story.

As for Obama, I am really bothered by his asking for Hillary to release her daily schedules as First Lady. She did some amazing things, even if it is not as extensive as she lets on. No one can deny Hillary has consistently fought for human rights. And what could be more important? Just because she was busy making public appearances and dissuading Tipper Gore's sexual advances does not mean she was not an activist for expanded rights around the world. She's no Laura Bush.

The bottom line is that Obama has shied away from so many controversial events in his campaign--the interview walk-off ("I've spent enough time on the grill"), his shady connections to Reverend Wright--and to call out a political veteran like Hillary on her daily schedules is insulting.

REGARDLESS, I am completely Obama-Hillary neutral as of this stupid Bosnian sniper fiasco. I voted for Hillary, but I like them both (or dislike them both, I'm not sure).

Listen to "Lights Go Out" by Foxy Brown. It wasn't a hit, but it's worth a Youtube listen.

A Glorious Day of Miraculous Newness

The last time I blogged, about two years ago, I was just entering college.

Things have changed.

I changed my political views. The friends I seek out are of a different quality. I started a Youtube blog. And here I am now.

I'm not going to lie. I want to be a famous blogger with amazing opinions people can quote in their lazily written school essays. But even if I'm not, I'll enjoy writing this blog because my life is an absolute blast, and the future is looking so bright I could melt into my sheets with excitement (stain?). Anyways, for now, I'm out.

I have to watch Top Chef.