Reorganization + Neveau Riche

Well, I promised myself I'd stop watching so much TV. Does iTunes count?

My entire closet is being reorganized, and it's cool to see how my style is coming to fruition. Over the past few years I've transformed from my "homeschool" style (i.e. tees and tennis with argyle socks-no joke) to what I think is a really masculine and sophisticated look. I'm not embarrassed to admit I am passionate about style, whether that be clothing (Viktor & Rolf), art (Edward Steichen), or music (Kelis at the moment)--it's a part of who I am. I have a lot of black, navy, and gray pieces right now, with a few colored articles for contrast (an awesome red scarf I got from Dubai online). Anyways, suffice it to say I like getting dressed in the morning.

Politics: The Hillary/Obama fight needs to end. Either Hillary needs to renounce her race and join Barack as a VP or vice versa. I was a hardcore Hillary supporter until recently, and now I just don't want her to go down in history as the candidate who sabotaged the Democratic primary. I just don't want McCain to win. This war is wrong on so many levels.

I actually got into a long argument with my parents over the Iraq War and war in general. I am staunchly against the use of violence in war. War does not have to be fought with weapons. Yeah, yeah, I'm naive, I've never been in combat, I don't understand how wars are fought. I get it. But the bottom line is war hasn't worked for the U.S. since the conclusion of WWII. Korea? Failure. Vietnam? Don't even get me started. Gulf War? Failure. Iraq? The troops are doing such a great job; they are just men and women doing their job. The government is who is at fault for the destroyed Iraqi schools and murdered civilians. 4,000 troops have physically died. But how many are dead to themselves? One troop wrote to the New York Times, "With every death I see it gets easier." Easier to what? Easier to accept the violence? I'm sorry, but that kind of thing should never be made easier. The GOVERNMENT should not be making that easier.

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