Lesbian Chefs

So Top Chef was awesome. I actually like the lesbian chefs. I support their relationship--one of both professional and romantic means. Kind of cool, in an urban, post-modern kind of way.

Here's what I think about the state of the democratic race:

First of all, to anyone who thinks Obama or Hillary should drop out because they are risking a division of the democratic party: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Politics have not been this interesting in decades. The tight race is spurring young voters and bringing in tons of publicity for the party (granted, it's not all good).

Anyways, Hillary made a big mistake with her Bosnian sniper comment. Not simply that she recalled the event, but that she stated she took "pride" in surviving the event. Come on, Hillary. If you are going to "falsely recollect" something due to "campaign stress," you could at least take a few seconds retract the statement. Or come up with a better story.

As for Obama, I am really bothered by his asking for Hillary to release her daily schedules as First Lady. She did some amazing things, even if it is not as extensive as she lets on. No one can deny Hillary has consistently fought for human rights. And what could be more important? Just because she was busy making public appearances and dissuading Tipper Gore's sexual advances does not mean she was not an activist for expanded rights around the world. She's no Laura Bush.

The bottom line is that Obama has shied away from so many controversial events in his campaign--the interview walk-off ("I've spent enough time on the grill"), his shady connections to Reverend Wright--and to call out a political veteran like Hillary on her daily schedules is insulting.

REGARDLESS, I am completely Obama-Hillary neutral as of this stupid Bosnian sniper fiasco. I voted for Hillary, but I like them both (or dislike them both, I'm not sure).

Listen to "Lights Go Out" by Foxy Brown. It wasn't a hit, but it's worth a Youtube listen.

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