Leather Men's Bag

I'm an internet freak. I order crap online, I bid on stuff online, I use Bluefly (unsuccessfully). It's almost embarassing.

But on days like this, I realize why surfing the internet for clothing with good style is nothing to be ashamed of.

This leather bag is an Italian antique I ordered from a Frenchman in Montreal. He travels to Europe for Pitti Nuomo every year and picks up hundreds of leather bags, shoes, and wallets for men. Some of the bags are a bit rough, and thus are suggested for "viewing only." Yeah, because that makes a lot of sense.

The bag is exactly what I was looking for. Honestly, I wanted last year's braided leather Fendi executive bag, but that cost $2,700.00, which is a price I'll never pay for a likely machine-made bag that killed an animal in order to be made. Therefore, the bag I ordered has a few extra benefits, namely being it's as green as a bag can get (airfare not withstanding). This only cost me around $50.00 after bidding, which is nice--I'm assuming the internet was down in the majority of the world, because this bag is worth a lot more than that.

The color is great, but I love that I can carry it above my waist with my free arm. The clasp is really modern, too, and the roughed-up look makes me look really important, rather than someone who just spends too much money!

In exactly one week's time I'll be strolling along Las Ramblas in Barcelona with this bag in my possession. I'll post pics and blog every day if possible.

On another note, I just downloading Madonna's Music. Holy crap. What's so astonishing is how the album could have been produced last week--it's more cutting edge than Hard Candy, but it's almost nine years old. That's messed up.


Justin R. Wright said...

Damn, nice bag.

Thanks for the wonderful service (and music) on Monday.

Justin R. Wright said...

ew! archuleta? really!?

yeah i'm impressed with how well syesha has done to stay in the running. but carly was a favorite of mine, as well. i was pretty sad to see her go.

well you can vote for the little boy with no personality and i'll vote for the rockstar and we'll see who wins. :)