A few things

Firstly, has anyone else ever visited Hipster Runoff? I found it, literally, by coincidence, completing a project for the agency I'm working for. It's one of the most authentic blogs I've ever found on the internet. Inspiring, too, considering the writer is pretty much me if I shopped at Urban Outfitters more often and blogged about Bjork. He writes stream-of-consciousness, and shortens every word. It's refreshing.

I shorten words, too. I have an entire lexicon I'm slowly integrating into society. Mug, tran, OOC, DTS, FML, SB, DBJ my life, mench. The list goes on.

Whatever, the bottom line is that The Hipster Runoff is far funnier and more clever than I will ever be.

The shortlist:
1. Jibb's "King Kong" from 2006's ...featuring Jibbs is my new favorite work of art.
2. Jordin Sparks' "Freeze" is not that bad.
3. Cut Copy's remix of CSS's "Move" is horrid.

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