New Britney Promo=FAIL

I'm not sure what Britney's camp was going for here. Kind of creepy/ugly/"Is this how you want me to pose?"

None of those things are good things.

For many good things, however, here's a link to a full-on stream of five songs from Circus. It's going to be good. And, as always, all seven of you can look forward to a full review come December 3rd.

"Mannequin," "Kill The Lights," and "Out From Under" are looking like early standouts.

Yeah...not sure that "don't rape me" face expression is helping things.

UPDATE: The more I listen to that stream, the more excited I get. "If You Seek Amy" (get it?) is fantastic. "Circus" is fantastic. Like, I guess that means they're all fantastic. Ugh. Need new descriptive adjectives.

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