Music: Kanye's "Heartless"

The second track off Kanye West's upcoming 808s and Heartbreak, "Heartless," is a second promise that the album will be a phenomenal work of art and a major landmark in a career becoming increasingly relevant in the 2000 era. I loved the raw, harsh musical qualities of "Love Lockdown," but there's no denying the slow-going melody was tiring to listen to. "Heartless" is not entirely accessible--Kanye's no Chris Brown--but Kanye's vision is confirmed; floaty synths and a radio-primed chorus are the only recognizable Kanyeisms in the entire track. The track has a nostalgic feel to it, a storybook quality, so it seems instantly classic but altogether different from anything he's ever produced.

(He raps!)

The simple fact that Kanye drops a few rhymes is a relief. I understand his rapping is not quite as technically impressive as Jay-Z or Ludacris, but I promise you there are at least three or four up-and-comers shilling EPs in Times Square with just as much talent. What sets Kanye apart is his sheer creativity. His singing voice is decent--pleasant, even--and this was evident during his tour earlier this year, where he sang the chorus for "Good Life" live on stage. Seeing him then, the audience knew change was a' comin'.

Kanye west is the new Gwen Stefani. He's more eccentric, but I think he's also more talented. For anyone who reads this blog, you know that's saying a lot. Mark your calendars, for November is a month to celebrate music.

Grab "Heartless" online while he's offering it free! (See! He just wants you to love him!)

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