The Must List, 10.11.08

Gucci black pebble leather lace-up boots. Give me money.
ACQ for Puma ivory "Tendon Mid" tennis boots. Not a fan of Puma, like--at all, but this is stunning. Judging by the shot, the craftsmanship is only so-so, but paired with a short short or even blue jean cutoffs...Yeezy perfection.
Billykirk No. 109 "natural" leather belt. I'm definitely a new fan of Billykirk, as evidenced by the bag I'll be hefting (but hefting stylishly) this Wednesday, but this belt is just stunning. The skinny would work really well for a modern ensemble: light blue cotton shirt, perhaps gray tweed slacks and a nice navy cardigan. Shoes would be an issue, but I think the "belt-match-shoes" rule can be bent when a piece is this edited. I emailed Chris of Billykirk a few days ago inquiring about my bag, which is a little late, and he said he'd "throw in a little something extra" for my time. Hopefully, a "little something extra" is the $150.00 No. 109.

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