Music: Ultraviolet Sound

A very good friend of mine turned me onto an electro-pop group who call themselves Ultraviolet Sound. They aren't exceptionally talented--more so than Dangerous Muse but lacking the originality of Crystal Castles or Neon Neon--but they have quite a few tracks on which to build a decent musical foundation (unless their garish album cover is any indication). The lead singer, a woman with a nondescript vocal style and, tragically, a look that just won't sell to the American public (okay, she's ugly), is moderately entertaining, chirping like an over-processed crack whore on "Babyz" and "The Thrill Can Kill," but hitting the perfect balance between Sam Sparro spotlight-grabbing and Cascada vocal placeholding on "Ooh I Like It," far and away the best track on the EP/LP hybrid. "Brainwashed" demonstrates some clever writing and vocal diversity (almost Kelis-like in tone), but "Ooh" steals the show here.

"Ooh" is a track that's actually surprising, which is well, erm, surprising considering the set is free. Beginning with a ferocious opening lyric--a muzzled, sexual confession of dancefloor ecstasy--that tricks the listener into thinking the chorus has already been spoiled, "Ooh" is actually a slow burn, with purple-tipped flames rising until the middle of the track where Ms. Nondescript oozes out a suitably electro-zapped, "I liiiiikeeee itttttt..." to a relentless bass and well-placed synths. It's the only track in the collection that really stands out, which should be expected--what artist would honestly give away their best work for free in an Adidas campaign?

Speaking of Adidas, I find it kind of comical that this is their way of promoting their new shoe line. I'm in advertising; Adidas has no relevance in the market right now, and I'm pretty sure shilling a half-decent electro band like Ultraviolet Sound will only drive them further into the abyss of forgotten brands (remember K*Swiss? Didn't think so). Although, if they are marketing towards emos, which I believe has grown to about 30% of the mall population and is therefore a demographic all its own, this is a smart route to take.

But honestly, the emos are far to busy dying their hair and shopping at Hot Topic to listen to Ultraviolet Sound. We all know they're actually listening to Boys Like Girls anyways.

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