New Pepsi Logos make me LOL

Okay, Pepsi. Are you serious? Like, seriously? The new Pepsi logos are so beyond hideous. It's as if the cast of The Hills impregnated the Olsen twins and their baby said, "Let's revamp the Pepsi logo for the fourth time in fifty years! And do it with modern flair." If Coca-Cola has the same logo for almost a century, don't you think Pepsi should have caught on by now?

Brand recognition is contingent on visual recognition. The new logos remind me of a drab cleaning product or a deodorant. Yummy, Old Spice Soda! Diet Speed Stick! No matter, it's over for Pepsi anyways. They are the Burger King to Coke's McDonald's--there's just no momentum left.

Anyways, here's more info on the hijinks.

P.S. The Mountain Dew design is kind of growing on me. I'll update on my impressions later...or I'll just forget, which is far more likely.


Julianne said...

HAAAAHAHAHAHA. Kind of resembles obama's design actually.....
i don't like it.

but i do like the "MTNDEW"...are you sure you didn't design this dustin? sounds like your kind of lingo.

The Happiest Activist said...

This is a joke, it looks like the Target soda.