HappiestList 2K8: Number #10

As the Happiest Activist is growing old (no wrinkles!), it's time to start making lists. Apparently, making lists is a great way to 'maintain youth.' (See current issue of TIME magazine.) The HA top ten is going to run the gamut, from pop culture to politics to the obscure and obscene.

Who will top the list? Who is the Happiest of 2008?

Will it be Ba-Rock N' R'Obama? The 'ugly' Jonas? Will it be Sarah Palin's meme-worthy Juno daughter?

Because it's unfair to tease, I'll go ahead and let the world know the first inductee into the HA top ten.

#10: Tricia Walsh-Smith

This crazy ho has an entire series of YouTube videos chronicling her recent divorce and subsequent life changes. She's aggressive, outspoken, and--really, now--totally nuts.

(Before each of her YouTube clips, a brief message appears, referring to Walsh-Smith as a "Pheonix Rising From The Ashes.")

Most recently, Walsh-Smith released a single (as in, music) and video titled, "(I'm Going) Bonkers." Watch it and you'll know exactly why she deserves a place on the HA top ten.

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Christie Grell said...

I love the 2k8 photo!!