The Hipsterrunoff...is just..."2"...perfect

Srsly. If I start writing the HA in memespeak, will my weblog b n e more authentic? Should I just 'follow my <3' style="font-weight: bold;">The Hipster Runoff today and was kind of blown away. (I was reading it on my bberry/'crackberry.' Does this make me an altprofesh? And I no longer an authenticalt? ) Carles wrote a poem/destined-to-be-meme about AZNs and I almost 'died LOLing.' Almost. died.

So srs q: What do I do? Follow the HA traditional 'common speak' or change into Carles 2.0?

When Apple updated Tiger into Leopard, was it "inauthentic" just b/c it was a superior jungle cat?

Ughhh. sOOO confused.

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