MobileMe sucks

Just throwin' it out there.

Christmas was good. Great in terms of family, poor in terms of Apple product.

As in, any Apple products I received suck. What's happening to the fruitiest of software companies? Is shiny red losing her luster?

My iPods are failing, sorors are walking around with iPhones, and now I own the single crappiest piece of software Santa's ever graced with his grubby little paws.

Cooking classes, a collection of portraits by Mario Testino, and LOST season 4. Merry Christmas!

There's about to be a waterfall/flood of Happiestlist 2k8 posts. Grab an umbrella, y'all.

(BTDUBS: The HA is about to go 'global.' Dropping the blogspot and picking up the old .com!)

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