Best $200 I've ever spent

Above: The prepiness is complete!

Went to a few stores today, picked up a lot of amazing items. Seriously, the shopping leprechaun must have been in my back pocket, because I got deals even when nature disagreed!

(The whole nature disagreement ordeal began with the torrential rain, which Lightsey and I had to sprint through at breakneck speed to avoid drowning. Needless to say, I was wearing my Toms, and when you mix cloth shoes and rainwater...)

With spending less than $200 under 2.5 hours I bought a beautiful blue polo from Bacharach, a Nordstrom's tie, slacks and a dress shirt from The Gap, and white sneakers from Lacoste. For anyone who doesn't know, that's a freakin good day!

The Lacoste's actually have a funny story, but I'll keep it short. I was talking with a friend via text about some douchebags she was hanging with, and when I found the Lacoste shoes--on sale for $84.00--I told her, "I'm about to join their league." In general, I despise Lacoste in the same way I despise Abercrombie and Fitch. It's lowbrow, easy-to-be-refined clothing. No imagination necessary. However, $80 was a good deal. When I went to try them on--ahem, have an employee put them on my feet himself--I asked if the $80 was the final price. He's like, "Uhh...they aren't on sale." So no problem, I would get them anyway. But apparently they assumed I would bitch about it because I was shopping at Nordstrom. You know, I must have been BANKING to even WALK INSIDE such a place! Please. So in the end they took off 30% for my "inconvenience." In non-subservient language, that means "because some idiot put the shoes in the sale rack."

The tie's (below) got a funny story, too. The ties at Nordstrom's are ridiculously expensive. Prada, Armani, and Thomas Pink (my favorite) are the name of the game. However, I picked up a blue and yellow plaid tie, which was great with my pink shirt from The Gap, and found out it was only $27.00 off of $100+. When I got to the register, the cashier asked if he could buy it from me. Seriously. He wanted it and would pay me $40.00. I said no, thanks, I brought it to the register because I want to own it...

The rest is history. I love The Gap, at Bacharach I was hussled into buying SOMETHING--the sales guys were desperate (and no one was around to bale me out), and I felt satisfied enough by the end to head out with cousin in tow and call it a day.

Above: Texture and color make up my work ensemble. Now if I could only learn how to tie a tie...


Justin R. Wright said...

i'd agree. pretty snazzy get-up, mr. fashionista.

check out a band called Alphabeat. they're from Denmark and they're quite addicting. i can send you a link to their record if you'd like.

SnaKKer said...

I learned how to tie a tie from Youtube...

I wish I had $200 to drop on clothes. The only clothes I've bought in college have been frat shirts :\