Late night photoshoot

This was taken around 7:45 in the evening, which is way to late for a photoshoot. The shoot was supposed to be for my friend's wedding, but my favorite images (one of them is above) did not turn out wedding-ish. She looks sad, but for me it's beautiful. She has really classic proportions, so taking her pictures felt like what I imagine post-Renaissance artists felt when painting their subjects...

Doesn't this one look like a painting? The color range is so rich, even though there are only a two "colors" (black and white) the shades in between illustrate the image as if the entire spectrum is present. I'm proud.

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Justin R. Wright said...

Dealing would, in fact, cure your financial woes. However, there are other things you'd probably have to worry about.

Texas feels pretty stupid once you've seen biggerbetterbeautiful places, eh?