New Music: Solange (Knowles) and Lights

My computer's charger failed a few days ago--it "zaps" every few seconds when I plug it in--and it's left me unable to blog. Well, I'm venturing into the densely glitch-filled forest of the P.C. That's "personal computer" for anyone born after 1990. That's "not a mac" for everyone else.

Two great artists have been revealed to me by the music gods of iTunes. I find most of my great music by playing around on Apple's most accessible application, but 30-second samples hardly convey the quality (or lack of) in a song. Like an ancient Aztec ritual, my dollars (with tax, the $0.99 comes out to $1.07) pour down the altar of the internet in sacrifice of the all-mighty iTunes--for my listening pleasure.

(Three cheers for melodrama!!)

Anyways, first up is Lights. She's some new, Disney-flavored electropop songstress who released an EP last week. The EP, cleverly titled "Lights-EP," is pretty okay as far as pop goes. APPARENTLY, one (or two) of her songs is on an Old Navy commerial, but as Tivo has spared my eyes from all television ads, I can't really verify that. I can, however, verify that her plucky "Ice" and sunny "White" are great electropop additions in a year that is already brimming with options in the genre. "Ice" is the better of the two, with a melody reminiscent of Lily Allen and a vocal track that sounds a bit like Britney Spears as a crackwhore. So, basically she sounds like Britney Spears. At first I thought Lights was referencing drugs ("You turned to ice"), but I now know she, literally, means ice. Like, the cold kind. That is kind of a let-down considering female artists are always more interesting when referencing drugs...

And, speaking of Lily Allen, I still think she freaking rocks. I don't care that she's fat and the American media hates her. Allen's Myspace showcases at least two songs off her upcoming (?) album that are blowing my mind. Her new material is obviously influenced by Imogen Heap, so it's heavy on electronic beats (by the release of Allen's next album, the amount of electropop may just drown us all.). Speaking of Imogen Heap...

I kid.

"I Decided," a single by the tranny-like Solange Knowles, is without doubt one of my top five favorite songs this year, and that is saying a lot. Over a chilled yet infectious base line and clap track, Solange gently asks the producer to "turn the mic up, I can't hear myself." Luckily for her (and her record label), just because she's Beyonce's kid sister doesn't make her Beyonce. Granted, every producer alive wishes his or her little starlet in training sounded like Beyonce, but when she's your older sister, it's better to differentiate yourself. You know, like Ashlee and Jessica Simpson! Jessica has a great voice, and Ashlee...well, sucks balls.

Solange, however, does not suck balls. Her voice is raspy and layered, with a great pinch when she hits the high notes. Her speaking voice is eerily like Beyonce's, however, and that will definitely throw off casual listeners. The song is a throwback to 60s and 70s soul, but unlike 90% of the female soloists that are attempting an Amy Winehouse-redoux, Solange just may succeed. "I Decided" is a ridiculously delicious slice of musical heaven, and belongs on everyone's summer playlist, right next to Sugar Ray. Hey, I know you listen to Sugar Ray. Don't deny it.

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Justin R. Wright said...

yeah the new lily tracks are so good!

do you watch imogen's vblogs?