Mad Style: SSX 3 Soundtrack

As an avid videogamer, it's kind of sad they don't have a more prominent on The Happiest Activist. Even more tragic is how, when I'm finally about to write about them, it's just their soundtracks.

SSX 3 (2004) is a blow-your-mind, constantly exciting, relentless thrill ride of a game--and I don't even care how grammatically confusing that last sentence was. As far as extreme sport games go, it's my absolute favorite. As far as games go in general, it's easily in my top five.

And I have played many a videogame.

But on to why SSX 3 has mad style: the soundtrack is the best soundtrack to ever accompany a videogame. It introduced me to around fifteen artists I still follow today, many of which have dropped off the face of the earth. I was reminded of how kick-ass the music was today on iTunes when under the "Just For You" list--a ridiculous and useless invention of pretentious Apple employees--the number five spot was occupied by The Ceaser's "Jerk It Out," from their 39 Minutes of Bliss album. Even before I wholly understood what the lyrics meant (all too apparent to me now), I played this song on repeat. There are around 40 or so tracks in SSX 3, I think, and at least 30 are of the download-right-now-or-die variety.

Finger Eleven, Basement Jaxxx, Ima Robot, Swollen Members, and even MxPx (before they became posers. Or, before we all knew it).

Needless to say, the entire soundtrack of SSX 3 is on its way to me as we speak. Amazon, I salute you.

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SnaKKer said...

Write about a real soundtrack, like MGS4 or Oblivion.

Btw, did you beat MGS4?