MIMS Perry Remix: My Girl Kissed A Girl

I'm so overwhelmed right now. Life is so great in so many ways. School is a blast, new friends are popping up everywhere I turn, and there's a remix of Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" that just may be better than the original.

"I Kissed A Girl (J-Kits Remix [Feat. MIMS])" is a feat of hip-hop enlightenment, of buttoned-up crunkonicity, of relentless sex appeal and out-of-control restraint. MIMS, a rapper that is just unimpressive to me in every way, has taken what may be the most controversial pop song of the past decade--not because of the material, but because so many people just plain hate the track itself--and reshaped the throbbing beats and layered vocals into a blazing hip hop track with production so glittery it is the musical equivalent of the Eta Carinae.

There are so many ways this track could have gone wrong. While MIMS throws down some pretty dirty verses ("My girl kissed a girl/won't fill me no details/'cause she don't kiss and tell"), his final line is delivered with such swagger, so unironically, it renders the cornier lines obsolete: "I find it/something sort of exciting/my girl kissed a girl/and guess what?/she liked it."

In a touch of hip hop brilliance, every time the chrorus kicks in the bass line dimishes, synths flaring out of pitch like shooting stars. Perry's importance in the song is decidedly reduced--something about the distractingly good production--but the message is still clear and still sexy. In all honesty, this is a more mature version of the original. I cannot image a preteen girl jamming out to this and actually enjoying it: this remix is simply too dirrrty.

But for me and my friends, speeding down 5th in a Lexus with the volume on max, there's nothing closer to ecstasy.

MIMS would want you to download the track for free here.


Justin R. Wright said...

its not THAT good...

sucked, that fucking said...

bahaha yuckkkk this guy reckons hes top shit. worst ever