Inspirations, 9.16.08

The last twenty-four hours have been some of the most inspiring of my entire life. I'm so completely satisfied with everything in life all of a sudden. Messed. Up.

Last night I met The Hives, waved at Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore, and saw Ratatat with a pair of fresh friends. I woke up at my friend's apartment this morning and, for some reason, waking up away from the comfort of your home is comforting in itself.

[Before I move onto the inspirations, a music update: Colby O'Donis is an embarrassment to the music industry and needs to drop himself. Like, now. Andre 3000's rap in "Green Light" by John Legend is worth the purchase alone. Lastly, "I Told You So" by Solange only gets better with time.]

Daria Werebowy, photographed by David Sims in the current issue of Vogue.

Raquel Zimmerman, arguably the most important model of 2008 on the face of this earth. Again, David Sims, a photographer with such a grace the models appear as still-life.

Hedi Slimane, a photographer truly lucky with the camera, took this stunning shot of Sasha Pivova--oops, I mean Heidi Mount--in last month's V (with Gisele on the cover). This shot is just...beyond the brink.

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Justin R. Wright said...

HOLY SHIT, rockstar.

"beautiful, dirty dirty rich rich dirty dirty, beautiful dirty rich"