NY Fashion Week is Over...

Marc by Marc Jacobs. Not near as brilliant as his spring or even fall 2008 collection, but at least he's moved away from his American Apparel Motif. I guess this is...American Eagle?

Michael Kors. He is such an underrated designer, even being as high-profile as he is. His collection for Bryant Park is stunning. Cutting-edge, relevant, but--more importantly--authentic. With this debut, I hope Kors is once against established as the best American designer of the era. (I mean, after Ralph Lauren, below.)

This is why Ralph Lauren is Ralph Lauren. He defines classic American elegance, and more than D&G or Versace--arguably the greatest fashion house in the world--he creates wearable designs that seem less as pretentious art pieces and more as timeless and versatile.

This is actually from Leanne (something?), one of the finalists from this year's horrendous Project Runway. Where's Christian Siriano when you need him? No matter, though, as these designs are beautifully draped and flawlessly constructed--so much so, however, that "constructed" seems innapropriate here. The color is nothing cutting edge (maybe a bright lipstick red, a la Michael Kors, would be preferable), and the silhouettes are a bit overused, but still, I predict Leanne (something?) will win this year.

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