Tammy Kane Fall 08 Collection

There's a reason I read Kanye West's blog. I'll check Viktor and Rolf, Marc Jacobs, and Bottega Veneta on my own, but West is always invited to the Italian shows and sheds light on new designers he likes. West has a flashy (lights) and layered sensibility--for whatever reason, the more billowy a pair of men's trousers the better--but when he writes on new designers it's always a blast to see the quality of fresh thinking.

This dude, Christopher Kane, has only been around a few years, but I love his stuff. I'm not here to educate anyone on "high fashion," a world I'm clearly not a part of, but in my observations most clothing presented in this format are not wearable by the average male or female. What's great about Kane's (not Kanye's) collection is how accessible it is. I know plenty of girls that could wear the following three looks.

Notice the missing pleating, giving the impression of draping.

Peep the shoes. If anything, Kane's one memorable addition
to female fashion this year will be the lace-ups.

Reminds me of the ballerina skirts (tutu) look that took over
for five seconds in 2000-2003.

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