Gossip Girl has done it again

As you may remember from a post I wrote back in April, I'm a huge fan of the racy Gossip Girl adverts. They're sexy, they're bold, and unlike the show, they take serious risks. Sex sells, I get it. But America has slipped into a strange cultural phase as of late, and this is indicative in the way girls dress. (If you ask me, the fashion trends started this whole thing, but let's pretend the fashion houses reacted to the consumer for once) Skirt hems are being lowered, bellies are most certainly 'out,' and most desired silhouette in clothing right now seems to be slimmer rather than curvy. Big breasts are big breasts, and beauty itself will never go out of style, but with Hillary Clinton just barely missing the opportunity to lead this country, there's an air of female empowerment floating around--and that's a great thing.

I read about the newest Gossip Girl ads this morning at work in The New York Post, and though I don't think they're quite as good as the "OMFG" ads, they are once again a shining example of creative advertising for the 21st century. "A Nasty Piece of Work" is my favorite ad, simply because "Nasty" is one of those words that is as slinky as it sounds. The Parent's Television Council advert is the weakest of the bunch. It's just an awkward image. Awkward is definitely one way to describe the Chicago Tribune ad as well, but it's still stronger than the former.

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Justin R. Wright said...

you know, i wish you hadn't have deleted that comment.

and sidebar... i'm about to jump out of my skin waiting to see the freakin movie.