Racy? More like brilliant

I am sure everyone has noticed the new Gossip Girl ads. They're all over FOX News, each and every kind of Parental Council has jumped them, and if you've opened a recent magazine with the ad you may have thought--for just a split second--you had picked up Maxim.

Yeah, yeah, so they're racy. I've heard reviews of the campaign ranging from "It's what the show's all about!" to "It encourages teen sex!" I, for one, do not give a flying rat about Gossip Girl, nor will I ever care. However, these ads are fantastic. And I'll tell you why.

Gossip Girl, as I understand it (and that is quite little, indeed) is like a teenage version of Sex and the City (yet another show I have never watched). So it's a copy cat. And, from pictures of the show, the main characters (bitchy blond lead character, brunette loser, some guy with an emo haircut both girls like) are just as stereotypical. These ads could change that image. They are provocative, eye-catching, and combine the youthful nuances of textspeak and an elegant design. The Hills is currently mutilating the charts for preteen girls and the 20-25 year old female market. I would wager this campaign will sway more than a few viewers.

Obviously, the racier of the two is the better ad, but it's far more raunchy than the make-out shot. But it is my favorite. To whoever designed this campaign: Bravo. You are promoting your show and--most importantly--altering Gossip Girl's image in a--I say this loosely--mature way.

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