Pre-Hard Candy review

Okay, so I've been reading a lot of reviews of Madonna's new album Hard Candy today, and I have to "interrupt" and write down how I feel about the album.

I love (most) of it, because--like Moby's Last Night--it is completely cutting edge, with the exception of "4 Minutes," which is by far one of the weakest tracks on the new album.

I'll write more later, but the ridiculously wide range of opinion on the new album left me compelled to get my feelings in writing. Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times loved the album, calling it a return to glory. All Music Guide gave the album the lowest review (2/5 stars) of any Madonna album to date--even lower than B-sides and live albums. Then again, All Music Guide misspelled Cialis "Cialisis." SO WHAT DO THEY KNOW?!?

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Justin R. Wright said...

I totally agree - the album is pretty awesome. It's definitely one that took a bit of digesting, but on the whole, I'm really impressed.