Simon, you SUCK

Okay, first off, I LOVE American Idol. I'm not ashamed. I think it's a great show, and I have no problem with pop stars borne by such a frothy medium. This is America.

However, as of tonight, I no longer "like" Simon Cowell. His judgment of Carly Smithson, my favorite contestant by a mile, has been consistently unfair and, well, wrong for the last month. Her performance tonight was brilliant and easily the second-best of the night. Simon even criticized her clothing. Her clothing. As someone with considerably better taste than Simon, I believe I can better judge her outfits. She's fearless. She's awesome. She's got tattoos. That's better than Cowell's ever done.

So how can I deem myself a better critic than Simon? Because I'm an American pop consumer.

And, of course, I'm the Happiest Activist.

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