Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" Album Art...

...is the best. Album. Art. Ever.

Finally, an artist gets creative with their cover art. Coldplay is not a rebellious band. They are not new-wave, punk, or any brand this album art says they are. They're freaking pop. This art is...not.

The painting, which I actually saw in person last summer, is by a French artist (Eugene something, I believe) and depicts Republican rebels overtaking France in the 1820s. The female centered supposedly represents the French spirit. Besides my love for all things French, the spattered letters bring this album art to unprecedented "cool" levels. It's even cooler when compared to Madonna's recent cover, which is hideous, or even Coldplay's XY (unique but ultimately very boring).

Recalling the mood of early 80's disco records, where men wore chiffon and makeup like homosexual pirates, Viva La Vida's cover art is taking Coldplay's image in an entirely new direction. That is, if their music can follow their kick-ass cover art.

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Justin R. Wright said...

"Violet Hill" is such a tease. It's just long/good enough to get you interested in the album and leave you confident that they didn't make a shitty record but at the same time... the song... the artwork... can we really wait until June 17th!?