Frank Miller, always amazing

Above is a poster for the upcoming film The Spirit. Suffice it to say I was not excited about the film until this poster surfaced earlier this week on I Watch Stuff. Sure, it's Eva Mendes, who has an earthy hotness that really can't be explained--or maybe it can (pursed lips, perfectly curved eyebrows, beauty mark, that luscious behind)--but either way, her face expression brings this shot to another level. In fact, the film takes what could be seen as a good imitation of The Invisible Woman (played by the less-enticing Latina, Jessica Alba) in the Fantastic Four posters and drastically improves the circumstances so this film is immediately interpreted as more "artsy" than the latter or any other superhero film coming out this year (gasp!). This is especially true of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, two films playing their 13-year-old market as hard as they can.

Most importantly, however, the poster perfectly captures the vibe Frank Miller has cultivated over the years, which reinforces his already impressive brand. Below is another of his works, Sin City, a decent film but great art piece.

He even uses the same font! I love it!

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