Herringbone Toms

I ordered some herringbone Toms a few days ago and just got them in today. (If at this point you're trying to figure out why I always order everything: Tom's is a shoe company/charity hybrid, and the charity component only works if you buy shoes direct--online.) They're pretty extreme, yes, but they fit really well with blacks, dark colors, etc. Prints are so trendy, they are always floating in and out of style. With a bold shoe you can add an edge to whatever you're wearing without a noisy print jamming up your style.

Because they're Toms, they fit like a slipper (some would argue they look like one, too), but sturdy construction keeps them fresh for as long as you can stand the eventual "Tom reek" that appears after about six months of use. Gross, yes, but it's just a fact of Tom wear-age.

My old Toms ripped on the first day, but I superglued them and they are still in great shape. They were light brown burlap Toms. Here's a link to the Toms website if you want to read up on their charity or buy some of these awesomely priced shoes.

[Confession: Holy crap. Pharell's work with Madonna paid off in diamonds! Cash money diamonds, that is! I'll post a review tomorrow, when the album is released.]

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