Why haven't I heard this before?

If any of you are like me, there is a definitive point in your life where who you are and who your parents want you to be part ways. Or, at least in many cases they do. I am someone who came into myself at an early age, brimming with an arrogance that has, over time, become self-confidence. Yay for me. Separating from my parent's beliefs and values, however, has been a slower and ultimately more treacherous endeavor.

Aside from politics, a few differing values, and glaring differences in personal expression, there are a number of specific things I enjoy that my parents taught me to deplore from an early age. Horror films (love them). Liberal college professors (so scary!). And, strangely, Madonna.

I understand she's had her nasty phases--the era from about 1988 to 1994, her Sex period, essentially set the bar for modern raunchiness--but Madonna is an icon. She's a songwriter, brilliant producer, and most importantly, a visionary who seriously alters the state of music every time she releases an LP.

Bottom line. I just bought a few songs off of Ray of Light (1998) today, and if I'm being honest, it's some of the best music I've heard in a long time. The title track is a thumping, effervescent track, one so powerfully energetic the listener cannot possibly resist the allure of Madonna's transporting range. "And I feel/like I just got home...quicker than a ray of light." The chorus is euphoric, with Madonna singing with a voice so airy and impassioned it gives the impression of standing at the edge of a jagged precipice with a blue sky horizon.

In its entirety, Ray Of Light (the song) is an absolute classic, with a sound so enduring it deserves the title of Mad Style.

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