Three obsessions

1. This new Nike Windrunner. The colors are amazing, especially against all the blacks I'm wearing now (lolz, lolz).

2. This motorcycle jacket by John Varvatos on Bluefly.com. It's running like $650.00 right now, down from about $1,500.00. So it's a steal. But I just can't afford it. Or can I? Just how far am I willing to go for something so spontaneously wonderful and perfectly made? In all truthfulness, I am like halfway to buying it right now.

Don't. Click. Purchase. Must. Resist.

3. The upcoming Glow in the Dark tour with Rihanna, Lupe, N.E.R.D., and--of course--Kanye. I'll be there. Will you?

I'm looking forward to a few good days ahead of me. Granted, I have a serious problem ONLY looking towards the future (it's horrible), but aside from finals I am going to be having megafun (one word) until September. The Glow in the Dark tour, M.I.A. at La Zona Rosa, Barcelona, Internship with Juan Garcia, trip to Ouxaca...yes.

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