More Marc + A little Adam

I'm starting to think Bluefly is a mistake altogether.

I've ordered around ten different items from bluefly.com, and only a handful of those have I kept. However, concerning my two most recent orders, I'm sort of on the fence.

1. White "running shorts" from Adam.

In total, they only cost around $35, and I think they fit great, but it all depends on how willing I am to spend $35 on cotton running shorts...the shorts have great details, as well, but the waist is maybe 1/2" too small.

Chances of keeping the Adam whities: 85%

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Hollow Black" blazer

Now, I really like the fit of this from the front. It's got the signature Marc Jacobs shoulder (raised and square-cut), but the sewing is kind of shabby in my opinion. I'm not sure about the color, either. What can I wear with this? My dark sevens are such a severe blue the jacket looks green on top of them. I could wear them with black denim, maybe, but I don't own black denim and this jacket isn't great enough to warrant a purchase like that.

On top of this "what goes" conundrum, I spent nearly $200 on something I feel is not worth that much. And that was after a 70% drop in price. I have 90 days to return the jacket, which is plenty of time to gather opinions and see if a good ironing job takes out all the kinks.

Chance of keeping the Marc blazer: 30% (chances I'll feel ripped off either way: 95%)

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