Red Pandas

True to my namesake, I am somewhat of an activist. My newest cause is saving the Red Panda. If I'm being honest, I simply saw a picture of the fox/bear/koala/raccoon lookalike and wiki'd him...and if he wasn't so darn cute, I wouldn't be so fervent about preventing his extinction.

There are only 2,500 left alive on this planet, and they are still hunted regularly in China (albeit illegally) for wedding hats (??). They are extremely docile, and do not attack unless provoked. In fact, in the wild they come up to humans without any intent of harming them--they are basically the most ridiculously saccharine teddy bears you could possibly imagine. Problem is, they are TOO docile, and are killed off easily. Even worse, they only breed a few times in their lifetime, and often only bear (no pun intended) one or two cubs. Anyways, just thought I'd let you know about this awesome little critter.

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