Why I Love The Sartorialist + NEW MUSIC!

Here's a letter I recently wrote to my favorite blogger, The Sartorialist.

Dear Sartorialist:

I have only been visiting your blog since the beginning of this year, but I have to tell you--I have learned more about personal style and what "style" truly means over these few months than any other time in my life. What you do is so organic and hits at the heart of why fashion exists, and more simply, why clothing exists. What someone wears is a complete reflection of who they perceive they are, or at least of who they want to be.

Reading The Sartorialist has absolutely refined my personal style, and I had a revelation concerning style a few days ago: what someone wears, beyond what I previously mentioned, is also a reflection of self-confidence. I have been blessed with a wonderful life and a healthy self-confidence (with more ahead of me--I'm only eighteen years old), and that reflects in my style. As a junior college student and future businessman, the clothes I wear tell others I am different from the average young man; furthermore, I bring something new to the table.

I love clothing and style. You, Sartorialist, are inspiring me every day to further pursue this love. Reading your website every day is helping me increase my self-confidence because I am honing my personal style. Additionally, I am now considering a career in fashion advertising because of your website. Thanks for this.

Never stop Sartorializing!


On another note, I have some great music quickies to talk about.

First of all: Mariah's new CD. Yeah, it's weaksauce. But check out "Migrate" with T-Pain. It is hip-hop sell-out perfection.

Second of all: Anouk. Who is she? She's amazing...check out "Modern World" from her newest album, Who's Your Momma.

Third of all: Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. Not as "cool" as it seems, but still great. His flows are ridiculous. Granted, my favorite Lupe verse is on the Kanye track "Touch the Sky" ("smoov like miss butterwurf"), but's there are some really enjoyable songs from The Cool.

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