Mad Style: Jenna Bush!?

This whole issue has been way overblown, but for anyone who doesn't know, Jenna Bush (the prettier of Bush's two daughters) declined to say she would support John McCain this Fall on Larry King Live. Not a big deal.

However, watching the clip, I think she deserves props for saying "I don't know" in front of the whole nation; by process of elimination, she may support either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Which, in my mind, makes her way hardcore (or way trendy, if her support of Obama goes as deep as Kim Kardashian's).

President and Laura Bush seem like very nice people, but for Jenna to grow up in an extremely forced Republican household (surrounded by the GOP elite) and question her support of the republican presidential front-runner is astounding.

On the topics of politics, I retract my "I'm officially 100% Hillary/Obama neutral" statement and have gone back to being a Clinton supporter. She takes the crap of the campaign so well, and an interesting Wall Street Journal op-ed I read this morning applauded her ability to absorb and deflect her opponents' attacks. Speaking of her prime opponent, Obama doesn't play as fair as his campaign likes us to think. He pretends to be all "honorable" in debates but calls Hillary "old politics" off camera. He's not the real thing. He thinks that by speaking well and posing as JFK he can reform American politics. Politics just needs some men and women who aren't egocentric. I don't think Hillary is. Barack, I don't know.

I'm still a fan of both of them, though, and if anything my support is now something like 60% Hillary and 40% Obama, down from about 55% Obama last week. Who's the next campaigner to make a political blunder? Let's hope it's John McCain.

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