Mad Style: Dubai

Dubai, of the United Arab Emirates, is the future of upper class living. Any Architectual Digest could tell you that, though. With towers like the Burj Dubai (below) being built twice as high as the Empire State Building, there's no doubt Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the President and CEO of Dubai (yes, CEO) likes to flaunt his ego. Rather than sportscars or beautiful women, two things Maktoum already posesses, Maktoum shows off with skyscrapers and man-made islands. Who says a man can't play god?

Dubai has mad style because of how quickly it is becoming the next great World City. London, New York, Paris, Houston (ugh), we know. But Dubai? It represents something beautiful in a part of the world where beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. As I understand it, the United Arab Emirates is centered between southern Asia and Iran, two impoverished areas in need of a little capitalism. (Or, perhaps there's a bit too much capitalism, leading to exploitation--but either way, I wanna be rich so I can own part of The Palm!)

Look at how quickly the city has progressed. In fact, while the image on the right shows a fourteen-year difference, the majority of Dubai's business (and pleasure) sector has only flourished since 2000. By 2015, Dubai will have the tallest buildings in the world, the most expensive hotels and clubs, the most expensive real estate in the entire world, and the most forward-thinking architecture and design of the 21st century. (I should just make that a tradition now, inserting "21st century" into my posts as much as possible.)

What I love, though, is that Maktoum does not tax a single citizen of Dubai. In fact, the prices of houses on The World or The Palm, two artificial island developments, ranging from $1-5 million, are kind of a steal. With no taxes at all--not to mention free healthcare and education--that cool $1 million will pay itself off within a decade.

So, basically, what I'm saying is I'm moving to Dubai. Granted, it's still ruled by a monarchy/theocracy/dangerous possibly terrorist-affiliated regime, but if the beaches are clean...

Here's a prediction: By 2020, the Summer Olympics WILL be hosted in Dubai. Er, I take that back--the Winter Olympics will be hosted in Dubai. I think I forgot to mention that there are numerous skii resorts in Dubai. In the middle of a desert. Modeled after the French Alps.


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Justin R. Wright said...

just don't break any laws while you're there or you're arrested and jailed for like, ever.