Pineapple ExprYES!! lolollloloolllol

I just saw Pinapple Express, and I have to say, it is one of the funniest films I've ever seen. Compared to other Apatow flicks, the humorous moments in Express came less frequently, but when the jokes hit they hit hard. I would like to compare the gut-busting sequences to different degrees of weed, but I'm afraid my experience is limited to years of running at Town Lake and extra seed at an M.I.A. show. (Jules, I'm talking to you!) Suffice it to say I laughed harder three times during Express than any other comedy I've seen.

James Franco really carried the film, too. He was perfect--better than perfect. He defined his role so well I cannot imagine another actor playing his part. Seth Rogen is always fun to watch onscreen; he's your fun, wild uncle; he's your charming roomate who just can't get a break.

See it.

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Justin R. Wright said...

i may be biased for my hatred of stoner humor and stoners altogether, but i honestly don't see how this movie could ever be funny. no matter how many good reviews it gets.