Madonna's tour outfits expensive, scary, and scary expensive

I am slowly but surely gaining interest in regards to Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour later this year. I bought tickets back in May, but only now are the details being leaked. A trio of Madonna outfits were posted on Coutorture this morning and I have to say, I'm extremely impressed. If there's one thing Madonna does well it's perfecting details; her wardrobe for the tour is no exception.

While the above look seems a bit ordinary--I've seen Madonna wear similiar outfits for dinner and a movie with Guy--it maintains a taste level that will help keep the Sticky and Sweet tour from lapsing into some kind of tranny circus act, a la Cher or Christina Aguilera. The bell sleeves are an especially nice touch. One of the dresses my model with be...er, modeling for my Disco shoot later this month has a light bell sleeve detail with a long cuff at the wrist. By the way, this dress is designed by the Givenchy house, which is a good or bad thing depending on whether you are a Steve McQueen fan or not. I happen to fall into the former.

I would, however, like to see how this dress would look if John Galliano, who ruled as king of the Givenchy empire in the nineties, had designed it. (The dress would most likely hit a few Gwen Stefani notes, rather than the dominatrix symphony this piece seems to speak.)


This what I'm freakin' talking about. This is why I'm interested in the S&S tour. (S&M tour?) Arianne Phillips, loooongtime costume designer for Madonna's tours, designed this pitch-perfect look for a clothing reveal at some point in the show. It's scary, powerful, and very old-lady-humping-Justin-Timberlake. 'Nuff said.


P.S. Am I the only one who's ready for some decent music to be released? The Faint released Faciinatiion yesterday but it's so blah I can't even think of actual words in the English language to describe it.


Julianne said...

a cou-tour aaaaaaaaaahahahha

Justin R. Wright said...

did ya like the new recording of Hide & Seek?