New Music: Roy G and the Biv

My friend Brett is a music manager, with clients ranging from the relatively unknown to the very known--like Eisley in their prime. We often discuss new music, but rarely is the subject of conversation his band. Brett's newest hire is Roy G and the Biv. An electro-pop band with hints of both disco and new-school hip hop, Roy G is destined to become the next It Band for both hip Urban Outfitters and Hannah Montana fans alike. (If you fit into neither of those categories, don't fret--Roy G is pretty freaking likable no matter who you are.)

I can't give out the link to their as-of-yet-unreleased EP, but I can link you to their Myspace. You can listen to two of their best tracks here, "Nicotine" and "Socks On," nostalgic disco tracks with a modern use of sexual metaphor; in "Nicotine," the lead singer tells a worried lover, "I can be your nicotine/it's heaven when you're smokin' me/I might not be good for you/but together we can pull it through." The bouncy blips and boops bring Beck's remix album (Guerolito) to mind, along with the obvious comparisons, Chromeo and (in an alternate, far more violent universe) 3Oh!3.

The strongest track on the EP is"Jungle Fever," a track that feels simultaneously unaware of its inspirations yet commercially constructed, with nods to Pharell Williams, Timbaland, and vocals in vein of Justin Timberlake--the vocals really are that good. The strength of Roy G's production is best showcased here--if I had not been informed I was listening to an unmastered collection I would have thought it was produced in some studio off the Sunset Strip.

There's no doubt Roy G's going to hit radio--keep your eyes on "Runnin"--but until then, they have an exciting period of bubbling under to look forward to. While the EP is not perfect--"Think You Might" is a bit predictable and expected--I am looking forward to the LP.

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