First Day Back Soundtrack

My first day at the University of Texas began this morning in a rush for the bus at Far West Boulevard. I missed my second cup of coffee and even a decent goodbye--but so far, I'm feeling right at home.

Of course, a seventeen-minute bus ride means only one thing: plenty of time to listen to new music.

Spoon's "Don't You Evah" is a great pick-me-up, with "Nothing Fails" off Madonna's American Life a nice mantra for the upcoming semester. The lyrics are all about love and crap--not that love is crap--but the title itself is where I place my hope...

To get in the UT mindset, Andrew Bird's "Fake Palindromes" and Bjork's "Wanderlust" inject a little weird into my ride before stepping onto Guadelupe, where grown men quite literally ride around on bikes in red strappy thongs. That's underwear, not sandals.

Today is a great day for music, and that is because of only one album: Solange's Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams. Review forthcoming...


Justin R. Wright said...

that was the strangest comment you've ever left. lol.

first of all, i'm confused... you're encouraging me to do what your friend did, but you said she was miserable!!

and why quit school if i'm going to a completely different country where the learning style is almost totally different?

i suppose all you're trying to say is be happy. which, i need to be. so, for that piece of advice and your sincerity (or annoyance at my whining lol), i thank you.

Justin R. Wright said...

:) thank you.

while i'm not miserable, per se, i am hungry for something more. obviously. i have the means, so i'm about 98% sure i'm gonna do it. it's just a matter of preparation. wanna go? lol

major props to giving Solange a chance. "Sandcastle Disco" is OFF THE HOOK. and i didn't know you liked bjork!! YES!