Two new design details

1. High-buttoned shirts. This is something I picked up by accident when buttoning up for work a few days ago. I think the loosely constructed , low-hanging shirt buttoning is tired and the era of tight coordination and a look of real thought--a la Marc Jacobs fall 2008--has begun. I can honestly say the high-buttoned idea is my own, which is not always the case.

2. Cutoffs. Please, this is ridiculous. I started wearing above-the-knee cutoff khakis (and chinos, and denims...) in spring of 2007. They just felt right. I still wear them on a daily basis, to add a hint of togetherness to sloppy v-necks and wrinkled linens. Now The Sartorialist, Men's Health, and Details can't stop writing about how cutoff's are the next big thing--come on. Anyone who was at Austin City Limits 2007 knows cutoffs, especially khakis, have been "in" for a year; with all this publicity, though, I have to start looking for something new...

Cutoffs need three things. a) A uniform "hemline" about three inches above the knee, b) a tight fit in the thigh and lower back--often when cut, trousers lose their contouring, and c) a nice pair of sunglasses!


Justin R. Wright said...

i agree with both.

you're bold for trying the high buttoned shirt.

SnaKKer said...

Nice picture of your crotch.